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2021.9.20 配信

GOD’s kingdom vol.6 Live動画配信 9/20(月祝) at 新宿 Glamstein

Worshippers  /  Honey apple custard pie  /  Special guest: Michael Williams  /  SATO  /  タママミュージックミニストリーズ

OPEN 15:30 / START 16:00  前売¥2500(1ドリンク別¥500〜) 配信¥2500 当日¥3000(1ドリンク別¥500〜)

2021.09.20 (月祝) 16:00〜20:00
GOD’s kingdom vol.6 新宿Glamsteinにて

(English below)



〜 いのちの歌声が届くように GOD BLESS YOU 〜

【スペシャルゲスト: Michael Williams 】

【 HP 出演者情報  】

10/31まで動画閲覧 期間を延長致しました!


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2021.09.20 (mon. holiday) 16:00〜20:00
GOD’s kingdom vol.6 at Shinjuku Glamstein
Live simultaneous delivery event will be held!

~Heal and energize Japan with Contemporary Christian music(CCM),
gospel and heartwarming songs and performances
Happy God's Kingdom = Heaven is here now 〜

* CCM is a pop hymn that is neither a classical praise nor a black gospel. It exists in the Grammy Awards as a gospel / CCM category.

at Live house and also Live streaming!!

~ GOD BLESS YOU reach you singing voice by the spirit and truth ~
Please have a look and listen !!

【Special Guest: Michael Williams】
Don't miss the top-notch songs that have been gospel sung in front of the former President of the United States!

【 Performer information】

【Shinjuku Glamstein】
Fukutoshin Line / Oedo Line) Higashi Shinjuku Station  3 minutes walk from the ground Exit B1
JR Yamanote Line) 10 minutes walk from Shin-Okubo Station
JR Sobu Line) 12 minutes walk from Okubo Station
Toei Bus) From the west exit of Shinjuku Station, take "早(Haya) 77" for 15 minutes,
immediately after getting off at the bus stop "Okubo-dori"

(press the Buy Ticket button of advance Ticket, there is a map URL for directions)

* By purchasing Streming&2w Archive Ticket from the above URL,
You can watch the live performance of the day.
For those who are uneasy about their physical condition or who have difficulty going out,
you can watch it at home with confidence.
(If you have a chronic disease, please understand that there is a high risk of aggravation at the time of infection.)

Please press the Buy Ticket button of your favorite ticket, fill in the required items, and purchase it.
★ Advance tickets are restricted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Please buy it as soon as possible ♪
(Door tickets are up 500 yen, and last year advance tickets were sold out and there was no door ticket for sale.)

★Live streaming ticket is live simultaneous delivery, and you can also browse the archived video for about 2 weeks. You can watch it at the start time by entering the password written in the email in the URL in the email you received after purchase.

* If you want to listen live, please be careful about your health at your own risk.
※ If you are worried about which ticket to buy, we recommend the streaming ticket.
* Please pay the drink fee at the reception on the day of your visit. (Additional 500 yen for 1
* Please note that people with body temperature of 37.5 ° or higher are not allowed to enter the venue on the day of the event.
Please wear a mask and cooperate with alcohol disinfection at the reception.
Please note that we will strive to ventilate the venue and social distance.

(If you feel unwell, we will switch to online distribution ticket, so please let us know as soon as possible from the performer or the HP inquiry column.)

[Event timetable]
If you click the lower right arrow on the streaming screen after purchase, the timetable after the decision will be reflected later.
(Please note that if the start / end time is changed by any chance, Twitter next to the ticket purchase screen,HPand the date and time on the streaming screen will be the latest.)

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